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Beat Winter Blues

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Beat Winter Blues

January signals a new year, but with its arrival comes Winter, along with its colder temperatures, shorter days and longer nights. For many, January signals a Winter slump that can quickly turn into a case of the Winter Blues. This year, we want to do our best to help you avoid falling into a cold-weather rut.

There are several ways you can take action now to prevent the Winter blues from coming on, or to beat them back and get back to normal if they've already arrived. We've compiled a list of the Top Five Ways to Beat Winter Blues to help you out. We're certain these tips can help you cultivate a little personal sunshine of your own, each day. Hopefully, they'll work to keep your energy up and your spirits high, all the way into April.

Top Five Ways to Beat Winter Blues:

  1. Get some sun. Get that needed Vitamin D in your life by keeping your shades up during the day, bundling up and heading out for a short walk in the Winter sun, sitting next to windows at restaurants and coffee shops and changing your lightbulbs to "full spectrum" to maximize the amount of light you let into your home.
  2. Exercise. Moving your body releases endorphins, which are "feel good" chemicals that help to lift and lighten your mood and release stress. Staying active keeps your body feeling vital and warm, even if it's cold and dark outside.
  3. Watch what you eat and drink. If you've started turning after work runs into after work cocktails, be mindful. Alcohol is a depressant and will mellow your mood. Also, watch what you eat, and try to choose foods that are rich in Omega-3 fats, fresh fruits and vegetables and warm, home-cooked meals that keep you feeling full and satisfied.
  4. Reward yourself. Set up rewards or incentives to look forward to that will help propel you along. Reward yourself bi-weekly with a massage, or set up a weekly dinner date with your best friend or favorite loved one. Build a schedule that supports your staying happy and connected, all season.
  5. Make it all about you. Take this quieter time, and really milk it for yourself. Spend quality time alone exploring goals or adventures you'd like to embark upon this year. Reconnect with yourself by taking up a new or old indoor hobby. Cold weather doesn't have to mean doom and gloom-keep yourself occupied with your own personal development, and enjoy the enriching experience of having more time to put more energy into you!

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