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End of Summer Declutter

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Summer is on her way out, and after long days spent beside the pool, at the beach or running around outdoors, you might be ready to slow down and embrace the beginning of fall. Even if you aren't headed back to school, the end of summer marks a time of transition, and signals a good time to reassess your needs and begin anew. 

Jump start your move into a new season by clearing out your space at home. Make sure you have room for the products, items, decorations and pantry goods that you'll need when the weather changes. Declutter your home, and get yourself ready for fall by getting rid of what you no longer need to move forward. Here are some items you'll want to sort through to help you say goodbye to summer with a clean slate and a fresh space.

Medicine Cabinet Overhaul
Look through your medicine cabinet with a fine-toothed comb and make sure to throw out expired medications, gunky creams and ointments, etc. Depending on what you may need to throw out, it's a good idea to consult your pharmacist to find out the best way to toss old medications.

Dig through your makeup drawer, makeup bags, purse and beach bag and toss old makeup. Dried up mascaras, melted chapsticks and lipsticks, old nail polish, foundation, etc. will only make a mess in your space. You can stock up on fresh colors and products once you have the space.

Pantry and Refrigerator
Toss out expired products, spilled boxed goods or items you simply won't use in the coming months. Clean out your refrigerator by throwing out old salad dressings, condiments and items that have surpassed their expiration dates. Once you've done a thorough elimination, wipe down shelves and the inside of your refrigerator.

Old Clothing & Shoes
It might be hard to say goodbye, but look carefully through your closet and commit to getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear. If it's been more than a year or two since an item has made its way out of your closet, it's probably safe to say it is ready for a new home. You can donate, consign or give to friends. Purge your old running shoes, flip flops and scuffed up shoes, as well.

Old Towels
Even if you take good care of your towels, after a while, they may begin to look worn. Look through your bathroom or linen closet and inspect your towels for signs of heavy wear and tear. You can replace them for less from Target or even Walmart, and avoid having to worry about mildew or bacteria buildup. 

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