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Deodorize Your Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Even if you aren't cooking at home every night of the week, or brushing out long strands of thick hair on top of your bathroom sink, you're likely to find that your sinks begin to take on stinky smells, at various times throughout the year. Inevitably, grease, food particles and other items will make their way down your drain, causing foul odors to make their way back up your drain and into your home (yuck). 

Eliminating a stench from your kitchen and bathroom sinks is fairly simple business, and requires a few ingredients you likely already keep at home. Once you've kicked your sink stink to the curb, you'll want to make sure to take weekly, preventative steps to keep it from coming back. 

Here are fast and easy ways to deodorize your kitchen and bathroom sinks that are safe and effective for even the smelliest drains. Perform these deodorizing tasks weekly, and you'll keep the stink out of your drains, and keep your sinks looking and smelling fresh and clean!

Garbage Disposals
No matter what you put through your garbage disposal, since it's purpose is to dispose of food waste and garbage, it's likely to smell once in a while. We found a couple of fast tricks for eliminating garbage disposal smells at The Kitchn:

  1. Dish Soap and Hot Water. Fill up a sink with dish soapy hot water, then pull the stopper and run the disposal as the soapy water drains. You'll want to try this method first, since it usually eliminates simple odors fast.
  2. Frozen vinegar and lemon cubes. Cut lemon peels into small wedges and place into muffin cups. Pour white vinegar on top and place in freezer. Once frozen, drop the cubes into the disposal, run the water and fliip your disposal on.

Kitchen Drain (With or Without a Disposal) 
Every week, you'll want to de-slime your kitchen sink to rid it of bacteria and food debris. Whether you have a disposal or not, this tried and true method will have your drain sparkling from the inside out:

  1. Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup vinegar down the drain.
  2. Let sit for a few minutes to bubble up, then run a steady stream of warm tap water to flush it out. Keep the tap water running until all baking soda has disappeared. 

Bathroom Drain
Many times, a smelly bathroom drain can come from stray hairs and particles stuck in soap scum, lining the drain and preventing it from doing its job. In order to remove the smell, you have to clear the drain. Here's how:

  • Hot Water
  1. Pour 2 quarts of boiling water down the drain. Wait five minutes.
  2. Pour 2 quarts of cold water down the drain. 
  3. Repeat.
  • Vinegar
  1. Boil 4 cups of white vinegar
  2. Pour 2 of the cups down the drain, followed by a steady stream of cold water. 
  3. Pour remaining 2 cups down the drain, followed by more cold water.
  4. Repeat as necessary.

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