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Spring Cleaning Basics

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Spring is approaching fast, and bringing with it warm temperatures, trees in full bloom and more time spent outside on your patio or beside the pool. Before you dive into spring head first, ready your apartment, your patio and yourself for the change in season with basic spring cleaning tips.

If you get your spring cleaning done now, you'll be ready to run outdoors and take advantage of every beautiful, warm day that comes your way. Keeping your apartment organized, clean and prepared for the changes in season will help free you up to make the most of your leisure time. 

Mark an upcoming weekend on your calendar, stock up on cleaning supplies and plan to transition your space from winter to spring with no worries. Here are spring cleaning tips we call on, year after year, to help make the transition to spring smooth and simple. 

Dust Blinds, Shelves, Fixtures and Molding
Even if you do regularly keep up with dusting around your home, it's a good idea to spend extra time dusting hard to reach and easily forgotten places after a long winter spent indoors. Before you blow open your windows and let the spring in, dust your blinds, shelving units, vents, light fixtures, baseboards and molding. You'll find yourself feeling and breathing better when spring comes into full effect.

Refrigerator and Pantry Declutter
Go through your refrigerator and toss old or expired products. Remove all items and drawers and wipe down shelves, clean and rinse out drawers and wipe down the inside of the doors. Repeat inside your freezer, place all items back inside and make a list of items you'll need to replace. Repeat this process inside your pantry, and use a hand-vac to suck up spilled rice or dried goods before tossing old, expired products, and donating what you no longer use.

Flip Your Mattress/Change Your Bedding
To keep your mattress in good condition and lasting longer, give it a good flip every season. After you've flipped your mattress, strip your winter bedding, wash it in hot water and pack it up until next winter. Take out spring and summer bedding, and give them a good wash in hot water if need be. You'll sleep better and feel better in your brand-new feeling bed, all season long!

Switch Out Clothing and Donate What You Don't Need
Go ahead and pull out your spring clothes from last season, and look through them to see what you want to keep or, perhaps, donate. Make a pile of clothes and shoes to donate, and begin sorting through your winter clothes and shoes. Add winter items to the donate pile that you know you're ready to give away. Pack up the remaining winter clothes, label your box or storage bin, and put those winter clothes away!

Vacuum and Shampoo Carpets 
After several months spent mainly indoors, it's a good time to give your carpets a thorough scrubbing. Vacuum and shampoo spots that need special attention. If your carpets got an extra beating this year, consider hiring a local carpet cleaner to come and shampoo your carpets for you, like Dycarp or Stanley Steemer. You'll be amazed at what a professional grade carpet cleaning can do to brighten up your carpets after a long winter and wear and tear.

Medicine Cabinet Cleanup
Look through your medicine cabinet and throw out expired or unused products. Toss gooey, old lip glosses or chapsticks, and organize medicine, makeup, cleansers and any other products that you keep on hand. Once you've tidied your cabinet, wipe down the shelves or the bottom of the cabinet and make sure that no products are leaking, spoiled or spilling out of their containers.

Give Your Desk an Overhaul
Go through your paperwork and file important papers, while tossing or shredding those you no longer need. Create a system in your desk, so that you can quickly find important materials that you'll need throughout the year or in an emergency. While you're at it, declutter unncessary paperwork, post it notes or other items that are creating a mess. Once you've tidied your desk, give it a good wipe down and voila! 

Clean and Decorate Your Outdoor Space
If you have a patio or balcony, now is the time to take a broom and a magic eraser to it and sweep off debris, while wiping down spots or dirt. Uncover furniture and wipe or rinse off tables and chairs. Pick up potted or hanging plants and bring them outside for fresh, warm air. Add small design elements to complete your look, and you'll be ready to enjoy your outdoor living space all season long.

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