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Choosing the Best Dog for Your Apartment

Posted by: Mira Roberts
Dog named Duke

Bringing a new dog or cat into your home is a big decision, and one that brings endless amounts of joy and a consistent amount of responsibilities. Before you choose a new pup to join your family, you’ll want to consider which breed is a good fit for your personality and lifestyle, as well as for apartment living.

Not every dog will be happy in an apartment, and dogs that need a lot of room to run around and be outside may require space, time and energy that you may not have. There are many dogs, however, that will be perfectly happy in your precise apartment space, and it’s a good idea to do the research to best understand which breed will work just right for you.

We’ve chosen several dog breeds that tend to do well in apartment homes. Whether you prefer small, medium sized or larger dogs, there is a perfect pup to suit your style and space! Here are several dogs we recommend when searching out your next fur-baby, and we wish you good luck in finding the perfect dog for your apartment!

Boston Terrier
Boston Terriers do well living in apartments, because of their size and personality. They are extremely gentle and friendly dogs, although they do have a lot of energy and need to be properly exercised. If you have the time to take them out for romps in our Bark Park, or for long walks around our neighborhood, these pups will settle in just nicely to your space in no time.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
King Charles Spaniels are some of the cuddliest, most loving dogs out there, and they love to cozy up on your lap and just be loved. They tend to become very attached to their owners, and make for excellent dogs in small quarters, as a result. They do need proper exercise and outdoor time, but regular runs in our Bark Park or trots along the trails and streets around our property will be just enough to keep them feeling energized.

It may surprise you that greyhounds make for excellent apartment pets. Their small size is ideal for smaller spaces, and their calm and gentle nature makes them great pets for being around people. They do have a lot of energy that needs to be run out, but once you’ve properly exercised them, they enjoy cozying up at home with their beloved humans.

Pugs are some of the most loyal and playful pets, and their cute little smushed faces can be somewhat hard to resist. Pugs are low maintenance when it comes to exercise, and they don’t require the quite the running that a greyhound or terrier may need. They also are quiet dogs who don’t yap or bark often, and they prefer to be close to their owners as much as possible, making them perfect for apartment living.

This loyal, lovable and playful breed is a perfect size for just about any apartment. They require only moderate amounts of exercise each day, so they make perfect pups for those who don’t particularly feel inclined to running their dog hard, day after day. They do well around people, and are happy to snuggle up and chew on a toy indoors as often as you like.

Basset Hound
Basset hounds are happy to snuggle up inside and laze about, but once you take them outside, they love to sniff, play and run. These dogs are particularly calm and gentle, and with a daily run, they will settle nicely indoors for scratches behind the ears and cuddles on the couch.

Chow Chow
Those who prefer larger dogs will love bringing home the chow chow, a dog who is notoriously lazy and loves to snuggle on cool floors or couches at home. They require little exercise, and mostly prefer to be cuddled and left to their own devices. They can be cat-like and aloof, so you’ll want to make sure that personality style matches your own before you bring one home.

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