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Spring Health Tips for Your Pet

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Spring is here at last, and that means heading outdoors to explore our beautiful neighborhood and region on foot, by bike and, of course, with your four-legged best friend! When the weather warms up, our lifestyles tend to change, and that goes for our pets as well. You and your pet may find yourself spending more time outside around potentially harmful growing plants and pesky pests.

Just as you’d want to adjust your routine to suit your own changing health needs throughout the year, it’s important to do the same for your pets. In Spring, your pets are at risk for attracting fleas and ticks, consuming toxic mushrooms and vegetations and being exposed to harmful cleaning products. Before you go blindly into this beautiful, new season with your beloved pet, plan to take precautionary steps now to ensure their happiness, health and well-being.

Here are 5 Spring Health Tips we recommend you take for your pets, so that you can make this a wonderful and enjoyable season for you both!

Fleas and Ticks
Unfortunately, when the weather warms up, fleas and ticks tend to come out in full force, making your pet a perfect target. Make sure your pet is taking preventative flea and tick medication to protect them against pests, and be sure to regularly check around their heads, ears, chest and legs for ticks and fleas after taking long walks outdoors.

Watch for Dangerous Plants
It’s exhilarating to see plants and flowers coming into full bloom, but in Spring, it’s important to be mindful of toxic plants that your pet may be exposed to while walking, running or roaming outdoors. Hyacinths, daffodils and tulips can all be toxic to dogs, and many fertilizers and mulch can be toxic as well. Be aware while on walks, and keep your pup close when you venture out to make sure that they’re healthy and safe throughout the season.

Because mosquitoes are more prevalent in the warm weather months, so are heartworms. Now is a good time to make sure your pet is properly protected through appropriate heartworm medication. Make sure you’ve been giving medication monthly, and if your pup hasn’t been checked in a while, now is a perfect time to schedule a heartworm check to be sure.

Mind Toxic Cleaning Products
You may be ready to dive into a deep Spring cleaning, but before you do, be mindful of toxic cleaning products that your pet may be exposed to in the process. Try to use as many natural and safe products as possible (think baking soda and vinegar), but when you must use bleach or other powerful, chemical cleaners, make sure to keep them locked up and out of reach of your pets. Also, make sure that you keep your pets safely out of the way while you clean. If you’re cleaning toilet bowls, keep lids down afterward so that feline friends can’t drink from the bowls. Be mindful of bathroom cleaners and anything with bleach or heavy chemicals in them, and consider using those when your cat or dog is out of the house completely.

Schedule A Checkup
Spring is a perfect time to have your pet evaluated for their overall health needs. Since the warm weather months will likely increase their activity and need for hydration and potential changes in diet, it makes sense to visit your veterinarian and have a thorough checkup. You can ask your vet for specific changes that may need to be made for your particular pet in Spring, and get a sense of how your pet’s overall health is looking for peace of mind!

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