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Brighten Your Space with Houseplants

Posted by: Mira Roberts
Living Room with Fireplace and Patio

Placing bright, green plants throughout your apartment comes with a host of benefits that are both aesthetic and health-minded. Living plants help to clean and purify the air you live in, helping you to breathe and feel better with very little effort. They also add color, texture and dimension to your living spaces, brightening the rooms you spend time in and boosting your mood.

Bringing plants into your home can seem daunting, especially if you know you weren’t born with even one green thumb. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight a few hard-to-kill plants that are easy to care for and beautiful to behold. You’ll be surprised to find that with a little light and some consistent watering, many plants can live and thrive on their own in almost any space, including and especially your own!

Here are a few hardy houseplants that we recommend bringing into your apartment space to brighten up both your home and your mood!

Succulent plants are some of the most beautiful and interesting plants, and they can thrive with very little attention and care. The only thing succulents really need to live are direct sunlight, and they require very little watering and attention otherwise. Place succulents on your patio space, in front of living room bedroom windows, and voila! You’ll have a happy, healthy plant without the work!

Peace Lily
These beautiful, flowering plants are easy to care for and lovely to watch as they flower and grow. They thrive in low light and cool temperatures, so do not need excessive access to direct sunlight. Minimal watering will allow them to grow to be quite large, so consider purchasing these plants for floor plants in the long term.

Spider Plant
These beautiful, interesting little plants are easy to love and even easier to care for. They love humidity and make for perfect plants to place inside your bathroom or in your kitchen. They do not require much in the way of direct sunlight, and keeping them watered regularly is all you’ll need to watch them thrive!

Indirect sunlight and regular watering is all you need to do to give these leafy, beautiful and bright green plants a long life. You can place these on your patio or hang them in planters in your home, and let them do the good work of cleaning and purifying your air effectively.

Lucky Bamboo
Bamboo plants are inexpensive to purchase and can thrive in the dimmest of environments. Bamboo plants also look beautiful and unique in almost any room in your apartment, and can add texture and dimension to your mantle, bedside table or even kitchen table, and without much expense or work.

Aloe Vera
Not only will your aloe plant provide you with the health benefits of healing sunburnt or irritated skin, but it also acts as an efficient air purifier in any room in your home. Aloe plants do not need much water to thrive, but they do require direct sunlight. Choose a window that provides natural light, or place on your patio for periods of time during the day, and your aloe plant will be happy and vibrant in no time.

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