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10 Ways to Deep Clean for Winter

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Fall and winter are the seasons for cozying up indoors on cold nights or hosting family and friends for holiday parties and game days. Before you settle in for a season at home with hosting, cooking, resting and catching up on Netflix, make sure to give your apartment a thorough deep clean.

Spring has the reputation for being the season for cleaning, but fall cleaning is just as important, especially since it precedes months of spending more time inside. When you deep clean for fall and winter, you’ll want to make sure to get your oven ready for a season of baking, and clear out as much dust and bacteria from your surfaces as possible, to keep you breathing clean, all season long.

Here are 10 simple ways to deep clean at home this winter, to help you get your apartment ready for a cozy season filled with the ones you love!

Clean Your Oven
It isn’t glamorous work, but somebody has to do it. If you plan to bake and cook this winter, now is the right time to get your oven clean, shiny and ready to work.

Clean Your Dishwasher
While you should probably plan to clean your dishwasher every couple of months, now is a good time to start if you haven’t kept up over the summer. Run a cup of vinegar through the wash, clear out your filter, scrub the inside walls, remove the racks and give them a good rinse and run the silverware tray through hot, soapy water. It won’t take long, and your dishes will thank you!

Disinfect Your Garbage Cans
No one gets excited to clean garbage cans, but the results of your labor will be well worth it. Hose down the inside of your garbage cans and scrub them with vinegar or a kitchen cleaner of your preference. If you’re using a stainless steel can, make sure to finish off with stainless steel cleaner, to make sure it’s shiny and new.

Vacuum & Flip Your Mattress
Remove your summer sheets and blankets and give your mattress some extra love before you spend a long season cozying up on it. Vacuum any dust or debris that may have gathered on your mattress, before flipping it. You’ll sleep better, and your mattress will last longer!

Dust Your Plant’s Leaves
This might seem like a silly chore, but you’ll thank us later! Plant leaves can gather a lot of dust over time indoors, and you want to rid your home of as much dust as possible to keep you breathing freely and feeling your best this winter. Give your plant leaves a simple dusting to remove dust, and while you’re at it, wipe down the planter or pot it’s living in.

Dust Your Ceiling Fans
Believe it or not, your ceiling fans can hold a lot of dust over time, and send that dust into the air you breathe. Grab a stable stepping stool or a tall friend, and give your fan blades a thorough wipe down, and consider doing this once a month to keep dust from gathering.

Clean Doorknobs, Doors & Lightswitch Plates
Germs love to gather on doorknobs, doors and lightswitch plates, so do your due diligence now to keep them free from bacteria and grime. Try to wipe these surfaces at least once a week throughout the winter months to help keep germs and sickness at bay.

Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
Even if you don’t have pets and pet hair, your furniture can become home to crumbs, coins, dust and other debris that needs to be removed. Vacuum your couches and chairs, and you’ll find yourself sitting prettier, all season long.

Spot Clean Carpets & Rugs
Now is the time to work on small spots or stains on your carpet from last year. Assess your carpet’s overall appearance, and you may want to consider hiring a carpet cleaner, or even renting a steam cleaner to help you remove tricky stains.

Clean Baseboards
An easy way to keep dust and dander away is to regularly wipe down your baseboards. Give them a dusting and a thorough wipe down with soap and water to have them shining and new!

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