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Fun Ways to Play With Your Pet in Winter

Posted by: Mira Roberts
Dog named Duke

Winter can bring with it mercurial weather, extreme cold and icy conditions that make it a challenge to get outside to romp and run with your pup. If you have a puppy or an active breed dog, it’s important to make sure to get them the exercise the need, so they maintain good health and happiness, no matter what season they’re in.

Because your dog can’t exactly take himself for a walk to maintain his weight, it’s up to you to get your four-legged best friend up and moving often. If your pup needs a certain amount of mental stimulation and connection time to bond with you as his owner, you’ll also want to incorporate fun ways to keep him thinking and learning, whether inside or outdoors.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to play with your pet this winter!

Bundle Up and Go
As often as you can, bundle up both yourself and your pet, and head outdoors for a brisk walk or run. Avoid extreme cold and dangerous conditions, but whenever temperatures do rise above freezing, dress your dog in his favorite jacket, leash up and head outside, making sure to avoid icy or salted sidewalks. When you return home from your jaunt, make sure to wipe your pup’s paws and belly down to remove any cold water, ice or other elements.

Agility Training and Indoor Activities
If you have a particularly bright and active dog, you’re going to want to plan for additional training and indoor activities to keep him stimulated and strong. Sign him up for an agility course or training class, and make sure to work on his lessons at home as often as possible to stay consistent. If you don’t know where to find a course your pup will love, check with your veterinarian or local pet supply store for information.

Hide and Seek for Treats
A fun way to play and reward your beloved best friend is by stocking up on her favorite treats or toys, and playing a game of hide and seek around your apartment. Your pup will love sniffing out the scent of a delicious biscuit, and you’ll get a kick of out watching her use her superb sense of smell to find it!

Learn a New Trick
If you know your pup loves to learn and spend time with you one-on-one, search online or on YouTube for easy tricks that are fun to practice and learn together with your pet. Take a few cold and gray afternoons, and work on them indoors, giving your pup lots of praise and rewards as she learns!

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