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Declutter Like a Pro for Spring

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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While we’ve always sung the praises of decluttering, with Netflix’s new show, Tidying Up, receiving rave reviews and loads of popularity, it seems that decluttering has become trendy like never before. Spring is the age-old season for cleaning and sprucing up, to help usher in longer days, more time spent outdoors and the return of warm weather. But before you can dig into your deep clean, you’ll have to declutter your space, first.

Fortunately, we have tips to help you declutter like a pro, so you can clear out your space and maximize your cleaning time for the new season. When it comes to decluttering, it’s most important to designate 3 places to put the items you choose to eliminate: donate, sell/consign or trash. Gather up large boxes and mark them accordingly, then get to work tossing your surplus goodies into one of 3 places.

It also helps to be realistic about what you really need to keep (as Marie Kondo would say, what “sparks joy”), and what no longer serves you. Holding onto clothes that you haven’t worn for years, or to dishes/cooking utensils and other items that are gathering dust on a shelf isn’t doing you any favors, after all. Choose to keep belongings in your life that truly do bring joy into your life, and start now by decluttering like a pro for spring.

Before you eliminate, make the distinction about where you’ll be sending the items that no longer serve you. This will help you to get clear about what you truly want to keep around, and it might bring in some extra cash or give you peace of mind to help you let go.

Clear Out Closets
The first place to begin decluttering is inside your closets. Begin with your hall closets and linen closets, and get rid of old towels and sheets, years old holiday decor that you no longer use and any other items that you’ve left on the shelf for longer than you can remember. Hit your bedroom closet last, starting with your shoes and accessories. If you haven’t worn an item in over a year, it might be time to let it go. Next, go through your clothing, item by item, and be honest with yourself about what to keep, what is comfortable and what items truly need to go. Once you’ve eliminated, organize the items you’ve chosen to keep, and try to consolidate space to make room for future storage.

Medicine Cabinet & Pantry
Get rid of old medications, makeup and sunscreens that are expired or spoiled by gutting your medicine cabinet. This will help you to know what products you may need to stock up on as the seasons change. Next, hit up your pantry, and consider donating dried goods that just aren’t getting used. Throw away expired or spoiled foods, while you’re at it.

Appliances/Pots & Pans/Dishes
If you find that your kitchen cabinets are overstuffed, or that your counter space is quickly dwindling, it might be time to declutter. Start with your appliances, and get rid of items that you just don’t use. Think waffle irons, toaster ovens, panini presses and other items that you don’t use on a daily or even regular basis. Next, go through your pots and pans, and eliminate duplicates. Throw out any pots or pans that are scalded or in poor condition. Finally, go through your dishes and keep only what is practical and useful.

Junk Drawer
We like to leave the junk drawer for last, because it ultimately is the final frontier of decluttering. Dump out your entire junk drawer, and go through it, piece by piece. Anything you choose to keep should be organized into a place where it can stored and used easily. Anything you no longer use should get tossed or donated.

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