5 Ways To Beat The Heat This August

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Summer is one of our favorite seasons in Coastal Virginia, filled with fun, outdoor activities, water sports and delightful breezes. It also comes with high heat and humidity by the time August rolls around, making it necessary to take extra measures to stay comfortable and cool!

Cooling down isn’t as complicated as you think, and believe it or not, you can get out and explore your community, neighborhood and city, even when the temperatures are on the rise! Taking a few preventative steps and precautionary measures will help you to stay cool and comfortable, all summer long, and finishing up a hot day with an effective cool down will go a long way to helping you get the rest and recovery time you need!

Here are a few ways to beat the heat this August, so you can get back out and make the most of this sunny season in Hampton, VA!

When temperatures begin to rise, the first and most important way to stay comfortable and cool is to push fluids throughout the day. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol, as these beverages can be dehydrating, and make sure to increase your water intake when you spend any amount of time indoors. The better hydrated you are, the more efficiently your body can cool you down when you need it most!

Avoid the Oven
Think of summer as the perfect season to send your oven on a staycation, and choose to prepare foods that don’t require you to turn the heat up in your kitchen. Prepare salads, wraps, light sandwiches and dipping platters, and when you want hot food, take advantage of our community grills and cook outside. 

Movie Theater Cool Down
When temperatures become extreme, it’s best to take a break from the heat as much as possible, and on these days, heading to the movies can be a perfect way to stay entertained and extra cool. Gather up your friends or loved ones, and head to your favorite nearby movie theater for an afternoon movie or double feature! While you won’t want to spend your entire summer in a dark theater, it will make for a perfect break on days when you need it.

Water Activities
One of the reasons we love living in Coastal Virginia is being surrounded by bodies of water in every direction. In summer, take advantage of coastal breezes and nearby, beautiful beaches by spending more time in the water. Swim in our community pool, paddleboard on the river or relax in the cooling waters at Buckroe Beach.

Ice it Down
After spending time outdoors, come home and cool off with icy, cold drinks and snacks. Help your body to cool down with refreshing smoothies and slushies, or freeze your favorite fruit inside ice trays, and add these to your recovery water. Make your own popsicles with your favorite fruits, yogurts and flavors, or freeze damp washcloths and place over hot feet or foreheads after coming in from a hot, sweaty day!​