As apartment industry professionals, we’ve moved hundreds of people into their new homes, and we’ve gathered 5 easy moving tips to help you have a better moving experience.

1.  Keep out the essentials:

Paper towels, forks, scissors and a knife, toilet paper, band aids, chocolate. Nothing is worse than having to rip open your boxes by hand because you can’t find anything sharp to get them open.  And if you’ve ever had to wipe pizza sauce on the back of your friend’s t-shirt, then not only do you have good friends, but you know how important paper towels or napkins are.  If you are moving into a Signature Management Community, we will have these essentials on hand in the office for you, just in case.

2.  Fill up the boxes:

If a box is half full, the contents may shift and break.  If the box is packed tight, then nothing moves!  But don’t pack more in one box than you can easily carry.  It’s very tempting to put all your books in one box- and they will all fit nicely- but you will have to leave them behind, because no one can pick up 100 books in a box. Liquor boxes are the perfect size for moving books and knick-knacks, and you can ask for them at the ABC store.  Even the best estimators are sometimes wrong, so assume you will need more boxes than you or “they” think.  Sometimes on our properties, we try to connect people moving in and out so we can recycle boxes, so if you are moving out (which we hope you NEVER do), ask the office if there is anyone who has just moved in who might be willing to part with their boxes.

3.  Label with detail!

If you are looking at a box marked kitchen, how do you know if it’s knives, towels, pots or plates?  Jot a note down on the box to make sure you know not only where it is going, but what it is. That way if you are starving and looking for a pot to cook your Ramen noodles in, you will not have to open all ten boxes labeled kitchen.  And we suggest ordering pizza anyway.  Ask us about the community pizza hook up!

4.  Use a laundry basket to tote last minute “won’t fit” items:

This really applies to any containers you have.  Don’t pack anything empty:  fill your suitcases with sheets and towels, fill your hamper with winter coats, fill your baskets with small assorted items.  A laundry basket makes a good carry all for the spices you find above your stove at the last minute, or the extra pair of shoes you want to carry across town or country.

5.  Keep your valuables with you:

When we were moving from Germany, the movers lost my dad’s varsity jacket.  It was 30 years old, and had his varsity letter and pins on it.  In other words, it was irreplaceable.  Think about what you want to keep with you.  Of course you want to have birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance certificates and valuable items, such as jewelry with you, but think about your priceless items as well- grandma’s watch or your kid’s ultrasound picture.  If you have room, keep those with you.

Moving is never easy, but preparation and flexibility are the keys.  At Monticello at Town Center we’ll do everything we can to make your process easier, such as pre-signing your lease with you before move in day, helping you to set up utilities beforehand, and suggesting good movers. Call our offices if we can be of any assistance.