Rather than start your year choosing the same resolutions you’ve resorted to year after year, give yourself the gift of powerful goal setting to start this new year off right. After all, a new year is a perfect time to recommit to what matters most, and to review your actions and make sure they align with your purpose and passions.

This year, consider setting powerful goals for yourself that push you outside your comfort zone and invite more fun, play and satisfaction into your life. Read more books, learn new skills and disconnect from devices and technology, and watch your energy levels and motivation soar.

Whether it’s personal or professional development you’re seeking in 2020, you don’t have to look far to find it. Commit to powerful goals and make this your best year yet.
Here are 5 simple ways to get you started.

Read More Books
In our digital world, when nearly everything can be read on a phone, tablet or computer, try picking up a book and disconnecting from technology for an hour or two at a time. Reading is not only good for your brain, vocabulary, writing and mood, but it’s also a good way to escape the day’s pressures without overstimulating your nervous system or staring back at a screen.

Learn a New Skill
This year, give yourself the gift of growth, and choose to learn something new that is both useful and satisfying. If you’ve always wanted to write better, sign up for that writing class, or if you’ve dreamed of running a marathon, start a daily jogging program. Take an art class, music lessons or learn photoshop or basic photography skills. If it appeals to you or piques your interest, devote time this new year to learning all about it.

Practice Stress-Relief
If you haven’t yet discovered the many benefits and importance of managing stress in healthy ways, make this year the time you commit to truly learning. Our world is only moving faster and becoming more dynamic and connected. It’s more important now than ever to learn skills to help you stay grounded in calm, no matter what life throws your way. A good stress-management practice will support you both personally and professionally, so do your research on yoga, meditation or talk therapy now.

Do Something You Think You Can’t
Challenge yourself to try that thing that scares you or go after that thing you think you can’t have or couldn’t ever do. Whether it’s going for a promotion that excites you and scares you or trying a new hobby or activity that you’ve always wanted to learn, there’s no time like the present to do it. Pushing yourself to face your fears and move through blocks that hold you back will set the stage for you to grow and achieve success in every area of your life.

Play More
Promise yourself to make this year about fun and joy as much it is about hard work and discipline. If 2019 left you feeling burned out or drained of energy, it’s definitely time to start injecting play and laughter into your life. Gather with friends for social time and connection, travel, explore and do activities and hobbies that fill you up. 2020 is your year, and you deserve to kick it off with a commitment to your happiness.