Holiday decorating is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the season, and there’s something about dazzling lights, crisp evergreen and bright holly that just gets us in the holiday spirit. Decorating doesn’t have to blow your budget or leave you with a hefty bill to reckon with come January. Simple choices, a little DIY and a bold imagination can go a long way to have you decorating your home for almost nothing.

If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate at home this holiday season, we’ve got it. Whether you live for a gorgeous mantle, beautiful centerpieces or flowers and greenery, there are simple ways to achieve your holiday vision and for less.

Save your money and time for the ones you love this year, and use these easy, budget holiday decorating ideas we love.

DIY Mantle Decor
If making your mantle the center of your home holiday decor is your thing, you can still do it and do it for less. Use simple evergreen and holly, or make garland with materials you already own. Involve the family in the making and the stringing, and add twinkling white lights or glass vases and jars with LED candle lights to finish it off. Your mantle will be a glowing delight and without breaking your bank account!

Lights, Lights Everywhere
Stringing lights around the room, around your plants and across your mantle is an easy, inexpensive to bring in the twinkling feel of the season. All you’ll need are a few good strings of your favorite lights and a cozy afternoon spent stringing them up the way you like.

Simple Centerpieces
Rather than splurge on a large and expensive centerpiece, choose something simple and save. An easy centerpiece that adds sparkle and color to your table is to place colorful, shiny ornaments on a cake stand or glass tray and place at the center of your dining room table. It’ll dazzle a crowd, and you won’t have to purchase a thing!

Fresh Flowers & Greenery
An easy way to decorate throughout your home is with fresh flowers, simple evergreen and holly. You can usually pick up evergreen and holly from your local home improvement store or garden center, and you can simply drape, assemble and hang for easy, inexpensive decor.

Go Small
Who says a bigger tree, larger wreath, twinkling lights everywhere and more is better? When it comes to holiday decor, you can go small and still feel the spirit of the season. If you celebrate Christmas, considering purchasing a smaller tree that will be easier for kids to decorate and easier on your wallet. Wreaths and mantle decor can be basic and simple-a small garland of evergreen or a budget-friendly wreath from Target or WalMart. If decorating with lights and throw pillows is your thing, try to do half as much as you think you need, and you’ll find that you still feel the holiday spirit and for half the money.