Winters in Coastal Virginia tend to be mostly mild, making us even more susceptible to extreme weather conditions and freezing weather snaps. While our neighbors to the north are generally prepared for worst case winter weather conditions, in Hampton, VA, we can go months without having to worry about freezing pipes or icy sidewalks.

Cold weather conditions will continue to occur in our area throughout the months of February and March, and it’s important to take precautionary steps to be ready for sudden cold, snow or icy conditions. Our maintenance team is always ready for whatever weather conditions may arise, and are here to support you staying comfortable and warm at home.

There are simple steps you can take to get your apartment and family ready when you see below freezing temperatures in the forecast, and being prepared can go a long way to keeping you relaxed and at ease, no matter the weather or season.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you weather this winter with confidence.

Keep Your Heat On
Even if you plan to be out of town for extended periods of time during the winter months, be sure to leave your heat on and running. It’s best to keep your thermostat set to a minimum of 65 degrees to keep the interior walls of your apartment warm enough. This can prevent your pipes from becoming too cold and bursting during extreme weather conditions.

Proper Pipe Flow
When cold weather strikes, open your sink cabinet doors to allow warm air to flow where pipes are located. In extreme cold, you’ll want to turn on all faucets to run a steady stream of water, about the thickness of a pencil. This is especially important to do at night, and when temperatures drop well below freezing.

Gather Your Supplies
Should snow, ice or extreme cold strike, it’s important to have the supplies and gear you’ll need to function and stay comfortable and warm. Make sure to have warm, wool socks and sturdy boots on hand. If you don’t have a heavy coat, ice scraper and thick gloves, now is the time to stock up. Keep a bag of sidewalk salt in your cabinet, in case you need to salt your entryway in an emergency. We recommend keeping battery-powered chargers fully charged, and purchasing a small, battery-powered radio to keep you connected should power go out in a storm. Finally, stock up on warm blankets and any pet supplies and medications you may need if a storm is projected to hear your way.

Dress for Cold Weather Success
In below freezing temperatures, it’s easy to get dangerously cold and fast. If you have to head out in cold weather conditions, make sure to dress properly to keep yourself protected and warm. Dress in warm layers, covering your ankles and wrists completely with long, woolen socks and thick gloves. Keep your neck covered with scarves and wear a warm hat on your head. If you feel your face growing cold, keep as much of it covered as possible. Sturdy boots are best for walking through ice or snow, and when in doubt, come inside and stay out of the cold as often as possible.

Ceiling Fans On
Help to circulate the warm air in your apartment by turning your ceiling fans on low and in reverse. We know this sounds strange, but it will help your HVAC system to continue heating your apartment, even in extreme cold weather conditions.