Social Distancing may prevent you from gathering with friends for dinner or watching a local concert, but it won’t keep you from tackling your seasonal, deep cleaning projects.

Spring has arrived in full bloom in Coastal Virginia. Since current stay-at-home orders are keeping many of us inside our homes, it’s likely that your apartment or townhome could use a thorough, spring cleaning.

Spring is a perfect season for shaking the crud and dust left behind from winter out of your living spaces. After cold and flu season and now, during a pandemic, it’s also important to rid your homes of germs, sanitize surfaces and electronics and refresh your rooms.

It’s possible that you’re now spending more time at home than ever before, working remotely beside pets, school-aged children and other family members. Deep cleaning your apartment or townhome will help you all to breathe easier during uncertain times, and help bring revitalized energy to your home as you all adjust to changes in your lifestyle.

Here are simple steps to help you deep clean your apartment like a pro.

Empty and clean out pantry
Wipe down cabinets and knobs
Empty and clean out refrigerator
Defrost freezer
Disinfect sink drain
Disinfect dishwasher
Scrub countertops and stovetop
Clean inside stove
Mop floors and wipe down baseboards
Disinfect light switches

Toss old medications and personal care products
Wipe down medicine cabinet and vanity
Clean mirrors
Scrub and disinfect sink
Scrub shower and tub
Scrub grout
Clean around and inside toilets
Mop floors and wipe down baseboards
Wash all towels and rugs in hot water
Wash shower curtain (fabric) and replace liner
Disinfect doorknob and light swtich

Living Room
Dust all shelves and surfaces
Dust and vacuum upholstery
Wash all blankets and pillow covers
Toss old magazines
WIpe down and disinfect surfaces
Wipe down ceiling fan
WIpe down blinds and curtain rods
Wash curtains
Dust lamp shades
Vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpets
Mop floors and wipe down baseboards
Sanitize remotes and electronics
Disinfect doorknobs and light switches

Flip mattress
Wash all sheets and bedding
Declutter and organize closets
Dust all surfaces
Wipe down ceiling fan
Wipe down blinds and curtain rods
Wash curtains
Toss old clothing/unused items
Vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpets
Mop floors and wipe down sideboards
Wipe down light switches
Disinfect doorknobs