During Covid-19, you may have found yourself spending more time at home than ever before, bringing renewed attention to your indoor living spaces, aesthetics and decor. Tending to indoor plants can be a rewarding way to add color, texture and life to the rooms of your home, while also giving you the joy of caring for something and watching it grow.

Indoor houseplants come with many benefits outside of brightening up your living spaces. They also purify and clean the air you breathe, helping you to breathe better and feel your best. You won’t need two green thumbs to care for houseplants or watch them thrive. If you choose hardy, easy to care for plants to bring into your apartment, you can watch your plants grow for years to come, and without much work aside from watering and occasionally repotting.

Here are easy to maintain houseplants to help you bring fresh life and energy into the rooms of your home.

Aloe plants are beautiful, hardy and highly functional, and they can live for years in the same planter in the same sunny spot. Aloe plants are succulents, so they need little watering. They do, however, prefer bright, sunny locations with indirect sunlight. If you choose to snip their leaves for use on sunburn or dry skin, make sure not to cut back more than a third of the plant at once.

Jade Plant
Jade plants are beautiful and a fan favorite for indoor growth. They generally love bright, sunny spots, but are fickle when it comes to watering. You want to make sure to water jade plants when their soil just becomes dry, but to avoid over watering or waiting until the soil is too dry. Once you find your watering sweet spot, they’ll grow to be luscious, indoor plants to treasure for years to come.

Snake Plant
The snake plant’s long, sharp leaves are exotic and beautiful in any room in your apartment, especially rooms with lower light. Snake plants are hardy and easy to care for, but you’ll want to avoid over watering them. Watch for dry soil before pouring even a drop of water into their planters, and water even more sparingly in winter months to keep them thriving.

Spider Plant
Perfect for hanging planters, spider plants grow and thrive and expand when they’re healthy and cared for, so you may end up re-potting them frequently. They’re very hardy and can thrive in most types of light and with minimal, but regular watering.

Chinese Evergreen
While this hardy plant is easy to care for and requires low light and infrequent watering (just check the soil every couple of days), it does not tolerate sunny spots or cold temperatures. Place it in a shady corner of your apartment, water it as the soil feels dry and keep your thermostat set to 60 degrees or above, and this plant will flourish for years to come.